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Thank you for visiting our website! We appreciate this opportunity to introduce ourselves and show you our practice philosophy.

We should provide you firstly with the LATEST COVID-19 UPDATES FOR DENTAL TREATMENT.  The health authorities have instructed all dentists practice LEVEL 3 RESTRICTED DENTAL TREATMENT. This means as of 27th March 2020, we will not be performing any routine dental treatment and will only attend to acute pain needs. However, pain relief will also be limited to minimising the generation of aerosol. In other words, the use of dental drills will be restricted and limited.

Level 3 restricted practice is put in place by the authorities to reduce the transmission of  COVID virus within the surgery and into the community. It is also aim to reduce the usage of protective gear by dentists so that these can be available to all the health carers dealing directly with COVID-19 patients. This translates into fewer lives lost and a faster recovery period. 

For all emergencies, please call our telephone (02) 9211 2388 for attention. We apologise if we may not be able to attend to your needs under Level 3 restrictions but we can still provide you some advice to help keep your dental problems under control during this difficult times. Should you need non emergency dental care, please email us at We will contact you as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

We are all affected by COVID-19 outbreak. We will continue to work according to the guidelines provided by the health authorities. Our main aim is for all to stay safe and help to prevent the spread of the virus. We will also update our notice if there are further changes.

We have been established in the Broadway Shopping Centre since 2003, and our dentists have had over 20 years of experience in caring for our valued patients. We pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of dental care, in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Our services include regular preventive dental care, teeth whitening, white fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges, dental implants, emergency dental care, orthodontic braces and Invisalign. We are Bupa Members First providers, and Bupa will provide its members additional cover when treatment is done with us.


Our Commitment


We are strong believers that prevention is better than cure. All of our dentists are committed to working with our patients to prevent future problems, through oral hygiene instruction and the early detection and management of dental issues.


We believe in openness, trust, and working together with our patients in order to provide the highest standard of dental care. Our dentists will take the time to explain all the treatment options available to you, as well as we the benefits, risks and costs associated, before providing their own recommendations based on their years of experience.


At Dental Connect, we understand that dental visits can be a stressful experience. Our team is highly experienced in working with nervous and anxious patients, and we will make every effort to make your visit painless and positive.

Long-term treatment

We believe that treatment should ideally be done once and done right. Although nothing can last forever, we have taken care to choose high quality materials with proven longevity. Our dentists keep a long-term outlook when considering treatment options, and will keep you informed of what to expect in the future.




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